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Omagh District Council calls for Marriage Equality

Published: 31 July, 2012

Omagh District council have passed a motion calling for the 'same rights and entitlements to civil marriage for all citizens regardless of race, religion or sexuality'. The council voted in favour of the motion despite objections from unionist representatives. Omagh has become the third local Authority in Ireland to pass such a motion following on from Belfast City Council and Cork City Council.

The motion was proposed by the ten Sinn Féin councillors on Omagh District council.

Speaking following the passing of the motion, one of the proposers and Sinn Féin council group leader Glenn Campbell said:

"Sinn Féin is a party committed to the equality agenda. We believe that all citizens regardless of race, religion or sexuality should be treated as equals in the eyes of the law. Every citizen should enjoy the same rights and entitlements that includes in relation to marriage and this is the basis of the motion passed by the council. This is about ensuring marriage equality for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation"

"We believe the Civil Partnership Act, whilst welcome doesn't go far enough in that it provides same-sex couples with similar legal rights to married couples but does not allow such unions to be referred to as marriages.

"As I understand it we are the third local authority in Ireland to pass this motion and would look forward to it being supported by other councils in the coming time.CRÍOCH