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Local man alleges PSNI Harassment

Published: 27 June, 2012

Sinn Féin councillor Peter Kelly has hit out at the PSNI after they detained a local Trillick man on Tuesday. According to the west Tyrone councillor the local man, who worked on previous election campaigns for Councillor Kelly, was detained on his way to Enniskillen on Tuesday evening. It is alleged that the man was detained for 35 minutes and during this time had his phone confiscated and had his car searched by up to 20 armed members of the PSNI.

Speaking on the incident councillor Kelly said:

"This is petty harassment against a local man and having spoken to the individual he was shocked that he was targeted in this way. He recalled to me that up to 20 members of the PSNI, all of whom were armed, ordered him out of the car before thoroughly searching it for 35 minutes. There was no explanation offered for the search. He was also ordered to hand over his phone for the duration of time that he was detained. This is completely unacceptable and a throwback to days we thought were consigned to the dustbin of history.

"I have brought this to the attention of local Sinn Féin councillors who sit on the CPSP and who will press local PSNI commanders for answers. I will additionally be bringing this issue to the attention of the Sinn Féin representatives on the policing board. This type of policing is certainly not the type of policing we want, deserve or will tolerate.

"Whilst I accept that there was more PSNI visibly on the ground for the Queen of Englands visit to Enniskillen it is completely unacceptable that over 20 armed members of the PSNI spent over a half an hour searching through this young man's car without any pretence or explanation.