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Memorial lecture recounts Loughgall and Clonmult ambushes

Published: 9 May, 2012

Over 250 people assembled in the Ryandale, Moy on Monday evening for the Loughgall 25th anniversary memorial lecture.

Republicans from all generations listened as Arnie O Connell from Cork and Sean Hughes from South Armagh delivered a lecture entitled 'From Clonmult to Loughgall, the IRA's War against the British Army in Ireland'.
The lecture was chaired by Francie Molloy MLA.

Speaking after the event, Francie said 'The objective of this lecture was to look at the social and political context of armed struggle in the fight for Irish Freedom.

'The similarities between what happened in Clonmult in 1921 when the Black and Tans surrounded a farmhouse and executed 12 volunteers at close quarters after they had surrendered, bore many similarities to what happened at Loughgall in 1987 when 8 Volunteers and a civilian lost their lives.

'The age profile and motivation of the volunteers killed in both ambushes were virtually identical. All were young men in their prime and fearless freedom fighters who realised that the purpose of armed action was to achieve a political objective.

'This has been a very successful programme of events to commemorate the lives of the Loughgall Martyrs. Whilst we proudly remember the men who died, we are conscious of the huge loss experienced by their families, who are forever in our thoughts.

'Whilst commemorating the volunteer's lives is extremely important, it is imperative that we look to the future and plan ahead for a united Ireland. We must strive towards the Republic which these men set out to achieve, and for which they selflessly laid down their lives'.