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Concern expressed over state of Mullinmore Road in Carrickmore

Published: 24 April, 2012

Sinn Féin Mid Tyrone Councillor Anne Marie Fitzgerald has said there is considerable concern amongst local people living on the Mullinmore road in Carrickmore at the poor state of disrepair that the road has fallen into.The road surface has completely lifted on sections of the road according to the local councillor with large potholes developing on other sections of the road.

Explaining the situation Councillor Fitzgerald said:

"The Mullinmore road is in a very poor state, one of the worst I have seen in a number of years. Large potholes are clearly evident as well as sections of the road completely deteriorating. The state of the road is having a knock on effect on the cars of local people in the area. Local residents had brought this issue to my attention in recent months and in turn I made representations to DRD Roads Service on the issue. However I was disappointed to learn this week from a senior official within Roads Service that only manual patching work will take place on the road. I had advocated a more comprehensive surfacing of the road, however given budgetary constraints the Roads Service have said they cannot commit themselves to this approach.

"This road stretches from Carrickmore to Loughmacrory and has a considerable volume of daily traffic. Additionally there are a number of businesses on the road, all of which are affected by its poor state.

"I must say I am disappointed that Roads Service haven't committed to undertaking a more wide-ranging programme of resurfacing. Whilst the current plans may be temporary remedial work the road will need to be maintained on a more regular basis given its poor condition. The approach taken at present seems to be a quick fix rather than a long term solution to the issue.