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All Ireland Presidential Elections Call

Published: 23 April, 2012

Sinn Féin Omagh District Councillor Peter Kelly has said the Irish Government should revisit the issue of votes for the Irish diaspora and those from the north who wish to cast a vote in future presidential elections. He was speaking after the French Presidential elections began on Monday. French citizens in Ireland are entitled to vote in the poll. Councillor Kelly said it is time the Irish Government followed suit, paving the way for Irish Citizens in the north and abroad do likewise:

"Over 1 million French citizens living aboard are entitled to vote in the French presidential elections which began on Monday. This includes a significant number of French Citizens living in Ireland. It is high time the Irish Government adopted the same approach to presidential elections. Such issues were outlined in the Good Friday Agreement which was signed over 14 years ago.

"The issue, it has been indicated, will be up for consideration at the constitutional convention, which will propose amendments to the Irish constitution. It is my belief, and that of my party that the Irish diaspora and Irish citizens in the north be entitled to vote.

"Citizens from France living in Ireland will be enabled to cast their ballots for the president of their choice as has citizens of various other countries in recent years. It is high time that such a move is replicated to ensure future Irish Presidential elections are held on an All Ireland basis. This is one issue which Sinn Féin both in the 6 and 26 counties will be working towards in the coming months.