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Decision to keep Barracks open a waste of public money and resources - Sinn Féin.

Published: 23 March, 2012

Sinn Féin councillor Sean Donnelly has welcomed the decision to close the PSNI station in Fintona. The decision was revealed by PSNI district commander Pauline Shields at the last meeting of the Omagh DPP on Thursday. However he also described the decision to keep the Beragh station open as 'a waste of public money and resources.' Speaking after the meeting the Sinn Féin councillor said: "The annual running cost for the Beragh station is £47,000 per annum with an additional £169,000 investment required to bring the building up to standard. This money would be better put to use for on the ground community policing instead of maintaining such buildings, which in many cases are huge fortified eyesores. This particular station is underused and the decision to keep it open doesn't represent good value for money. The money that will go into maintaining the Beragh station will be a complete waste and will prove to be a huge financial drain on the local community policing budget. The decision to keep this station open will not achieve our vision of effective policing in the community and could even be counterproductive in this regard. "As it currently stands the station has no opening hours and very often remains empty and unmanned. This decision makes no sense whatsoever and will do nothing to deliver effective community policing which can deliver results for local people.CRÍOCH