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Welcome for action on mobile roaming charges.

Published: 2 April, 2012

Sinn Féins Glenn Campbell has welcomed cuts in mobile phone roaming charges which are set to be introduced before the summer. It follows a ruling from the European commission which forces mobile phone companies to reduce the gap between domestic and foreign call rates almost to zero by 2015, with the rates protected until June 2017. From July, consumers traveling throughout the EU will pay no more than: €0.29 (24p) a minute to make a mobile call; €0.08 to receive a call, €0.09 to send a text message and €0.70 (59p) per megabyte to download data or browse the internet while traveling abroad. Speaking on the issue councillor Glenn Campbell said: "This is a particularly welcome announcement to many people living in the local area. This issue is particularly relevant for people living close to the Tyrone and Monaghan border where local people are being ripped off, on many occasions without knowing about the roaming charges. "To date the gap between domestic and "roaming" call charges has fallen by about 75% compared with 2007. However even with this reduction people are still being ripped off by roaming charges. It is also a welcome announcement that from 2014, customers will be able to sign up for different carriers in different countries while retaining the same phone number. "It is regrettable that this action hasn't been done on a voluntary basis by the industry but has actually been forced upon the companies involved. However this move can only be a welcome one for local people and those who may be traveling within the EU this summer.CRÍOCH