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Representations being made following Ballycolyman issues survey-Sinn Féin

Published: 28 February, 2012

Sinn Féin Councillor Brian Mc Mahon has thanked residents of the old and new Ballycolman for taking the time to respond to an 'issues survey' that local party members have been conducting on a door-to-door basis in the area over the past fortnight saying that Sinn Féin has already made written representations to Roads Service, the Housing Executive and Council seeking progress on a wide variety of issues residents in both areas want to see addressed.
He said,
"Over the period of a fortnight members of the local Jim Mc Ginn Sinn Féin Cumann have been undertaking a door-to-door an 'issues survey' throughout the old and new Ballycolman area and the feedback received has left us in a much better position to identify those issues of importance to residents in both areas and to prioritize our programme of work accordingly.
"While a wide array of issues were flagged up in the completed survey forms, a majority of respondents in both the old and new Ballycolman areas cited dog fouling and the poor state and maintenance of the backs/alleys as being the two main problems. The survey also flagged up problems specific to a certain streets/rows of houses as well as individual issues householders are seeking representation on.
"Having collated all the feedback we are now systematically working through all the different issues to see how they can be best addressed and I have already written to Roads Service, the Housing Executive and dog warden section of Strabane District Council seeking progress on many of the issues raised- issues which fall under their statutory remits. We will be look forward continuing engagement, and if necessary site meetings, with these and other relevant agencies to progress all the issues in the time ahead. ENDS