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Unadopted roads issue highlighted

Published: 24 February, 2012

Mid Tyrone Sinn Féin Councillor, Declan Mc Aleer has called on Roads Service to take a more pro-active approach in dealing with housing developments and public areas which have not been adopted.

Cllr Mc Aleer was speaking after figures released to West Tyrone MP, Pat Doherty in an Assembly question revealed that there are 60 unadopted roads in the Omagh District, 51 of which have bonds in place. The figures also revealed that there are 57 unadopted roads in the Strabane district, 48 of which have bonds in place.

According to Cllr Mc Aleer 'The issue of private housing developments not being adopted is a source of particular concern to many homeowners in this district. In most cases the developers have completed the park to standard and are simply awaiting the adopting process to conclude.

However, in other cases, people have been living in a housing development for over a decade, yet the tar is not completed, the open ground is not landscaped and street lights are either not positioned or do not work.
'This is very frustrating for residents who take pride in their home, yet the wider area resembles an unfinished building site. Many such homeowners bought at the height of the boom and are also burdened with huge mortgages.

Cllr Mc Aleer continued 'There is the added danger of tripping on unfinished kerbs and unsecured manholes and due to liability issues, bin lorries will not enter unadopted housing developments, so residents have to trail their wheelie bins to the public road.

'This is a very complicated issue because in some cases the original developer of the site has gone out of business, while in other instances the cost to the developer of upgrading the park to a standard for adoption, is much greater than the bond.

'As such, I am calling on DRD to take a more robust approach in consultation with developers, residents and relevant agencies such as NIW, NIE and the council to address this contentious issue'.