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Issue of un-adopted private developments to be subject of DRD Committee Inquiry-Doherty

Published: 6 February, 2012

Sinn Féin West Tyrone MP MLA Pat Doherty says that the Assembly's Committee for Regional Development has initiated an inquiry into the issue of 'Un-adopted Roads' and trusts that the findings and recommendations of this inquiry will be taken on board and auctioned by the Minister especially given the continuing situation whereby many homeowners are forced to wait an unsatisfactorily long number of years before the private developments which they moved into are finally officially adopted.

Pat Doherty, who is vice-chair of the Assembly DRD Committee said,

"The large number of residents throughout the north who are still awaiting the formal adoption of the roads, footpaths and sewerage systems in their private developments despite having moved in many years previously is an indication that the current legislation and adoption process is not working.

"Not only have residents in un-adopted private developments to go through the ordeal of trailing bins out to the nearest adopted footpath to get them collected, as well as not being able to avail of having normal street cleaning and maintenance services, but they can face even more acute difficulties if there are problems with sewerage or storm drain overflows.

"Our Committee has initiated a formal inquiry into the issue beginning with a six week public consultation period. We will also be taking evidence from relevant stakeholders and agencies and will be producing our final findings and recommendations by June.

"We trust that our report will be acted upon by the Minister and that he resolves to introduce appropriate measures to speed up the roads adoption process and so that residents are no longer left in limbo for years on end." ENDS