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Lack of water supply affecting local families in Gortin area

Published: 18 January, 2012

Sinn Féin Mid Tyrone councillor Sean Clarke has said local families in Gortin and Greencastle are being put under serious pressure with water problems in the local area. He revealed that a pumping station in the Gortin area, which is understood to be the origin of the problem, hasn't been functioning properly and as a result has seen local people left without a water supply nearly 12 times since 23rd December.

Councillor Clarke explained:

"There are a sizeable number of people and families, mainly in the Gortin area, affected by this problem. There are also a number of families in Greencastle affected. I have been in constant contact with NI Water regarding the issue and also have been inundated with phone calls from very many constituents in the local area. I have been informed by NI Water that a pumping station in the Gortin area is the source of the problem and the trip switch is repeatedly being thrown.

"The first incident occurred on the 23rd of December and it has happened at least a further eleven times since. In the majority of cases this has led to the water supply being non-existent. This had proved to be extremely challenging for local families over the Christmas period. It remains to be a source of major inconvenience. I have been pressing NI Water to ensure that such occurrences are avoided in the future. The situation is still not resolved with families contacting me only this week to inform me that they are still without a water supply. This is a source of major inconvenience for local people and I hope that NI Water will address this issue with a degree of urgency.