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Councillors meet Road Service on Health Centre Car Park 'Pay and Display' issue

Published: 17 January, 2012

Strabane Sinn Féin Councillor Jay Mc Cauley says that local councillors expressed strong concern to Roads Service at a site meeting on Friday called to discuss the 'knock on impact' of the re-designation of 53 car parking spaces at the Health Centre Car Park at Upper Main Street as Pay and Display from April 1st.
Councillor Mc Cauley said,
"The large number of local councillors who attended the site meeting with Roads Service on Friday, including 3 of my party colleagues, was a reflection of the strong concerns and fears that have been expressed to us about how the re-designation of 53 car parking spaces at the Health Centre Car Park as Pay and Display from April will impact not upon adjoining residential areas.
"While 36 free car parking spaces will remain available for staff and workers at the Health Centre and adjoining workplaces and while Roads Service said that they will look at increasing the number of disabled car parking spaces from the current 3, it is clear that these arrangements in themselves will not deal with the issue of parking displacement to adjoining residential areas that will inevitably happen once these changes come in.
"It is natural that many motorists will try and avoid the Pay and Display and seek out a parking space somewhere close by. The nearby Chapel car park is also almost always filled to capacity during normal working hours and local residents in vicinity fear that parking spaces in front of their homes will be taken up in the parking over spill.

"While Roads Service said that the Pay and Display would be going ahead as planned as the infrastructure was now in place they have given a commitment that they will monitor the situation and review its operation on an ongoing basis given the serious concerns that have been raised.