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Boyle welcomes the securing of additional money for school budgets by Education Minister

Published: 11 January, 2012

Sin Fein West Tyrone MLA Michaela and Assembly Education Committee member Michaela Boyle has welcomed the confirmation given by Education Minister, John O Dowd that he has successfully negotiated substantial additional funding for the Education Budget.

She said:

As a member of the Education Committee and in talking to local school principles and staff, I am acutely aware of the extreme pressure to maintain high educational standards in the face of £4 billion British Tory imposed cuts to the Executive Budget and the corresponding gaping hole this has left in the Education budget. In this context Sinn Fein's focus has been in protecting frontline services and before Christmas John O' Dowd assured educationalists that he would fight for additional funding to alleviate the worst effects of these Tory cuts on school budgets.

True to his word he has now delivered on that promise with what is believed to be substantial additional funding for the next three years.

"I have no doubt that local schools in West Tyrone will welcome this news which will hopefully assist them in making their budgets more manageable over the coming years. CRÍOCH/ENDS