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Call to be vigilant following attempt to gain entry to pensioners home.

Published: 12 December, 2011

He said,
"While this occurred the week before last it only now coming to light. This elderly lady, who has poor eyesight, was confronted by a male when she opened the door to a knock in the middle of the day. He said that he was there to read her meter but she immediately knew something was wrong as she had already had her meter read just a week earlier. When she stated this, the male attempted to push past her but when she threatened to press the button which she carries around her neck, in case of emergencies, the male quickly made off.
"Only for this lady's quick thinking and courage, I dread to think what the outcome would have been. She has obviously been badly shaken by this ordeal. I have now spoken to a family member who agreed that I should now highlight this in case so that the public in the wider area can be vigilant and look out for their elderly neighbours in case this individual would attempt to strike again."
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