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Three Rivers Project-Largest investment opportunity for Strabane and Lifford in generations

Published: 24 November, 2011

The local MP, who has been centrally involved in endeavouring to bring this major strategic project of regional significance to fruition said,
"I would firstly like commend Riverside Building and Development Limited for its vision and for persevering with this proposal despite many delays since it was submitted in its original form in 2006.
"Many complex issues had to be worked through to get the project to the position where outline planning was approved for the 23.8 acres 'Three Rivers Project' in October of last year.
"This revised planning application to substantially increase the scale of the development to 49 acres with a projected investment of now over £50 million is not only a major vote of confidence in the people of this area but represents the biggest opportunity for investment in this area for generations.
"With the planned creation of 450 jobs within the first two years with more to follow the announcement of this expanded project is a major good news story in this climate where bad economic news stories are our daily diet. I am aware, in working with project developers that substantial progress has been made in securing tenants and users for different elements of the project.
"This part of Ireland has suffered from decades of under-investment particularly in terms of infrastructure and it once again highlights the importance of developing the A5 Road links so that this and other strategic projects of socio-economic importance along its route can be developed to their full potential.
"This announcement also compliments the joint efforts by Strabane and Donegal councils to secure major Peace III funding for the Riverine project which seeks to totally transform the riverside area between Strabane and Lifford both visually and in terms of recreation opportunities that people from all sides of the community and visitors to the area can equally enjoy.
"All these developments are complimentary and are major positive stories for this area particularly in midst of the current economic climate."