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Councils Demand North/South talks restore Certainty to A5 project.

Published: 18 November, 2011

Omagh District Council Chairman Frankie. Donnelly has covened a joint grouping involving Chairs/ Mayors of Councils along the A5 route including Monaghan,Omagh, Strabane, Derry, letterkenny and Donegal Councils.

Speaking this Morning Cllr Donnelly said,

"We need absolute certainty restored to this A5 project, both administrations, but particularly the Southern Gov, need to reaffirm their financial committments over a newly agreed timeframe, Northern contributions must be retained.

"All 3 route sections must commence the construction phase in Sept 2012 as previously agreed with new completion dates also agreed.

"Piecemeal implementation or vague commitments are unacceptable.