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Debris from drinking sessions obstructing access to vital sewage pumping station work

Published: 8 November, 2011

He said,
"Following weekend drinking sessions the lane behind O'Nolan Park which services the Sewage Pumping Station is littered with broken glass, burnt out tyres and other debris.
"This is presenting an ongoing and serious problem for NI Water staff as they go about regular maintenance check duties at the facility as they attempt to navigate their vehicles down through this lane. It is particularly hazardess for them during these dark evenings and they fear that if this continues their access could be jeopardized in the event of an emergency such as having to regulate the flow of domestic waste which, if not done in a timely manner, could result in domestic waste up backing up into homes in the area.
"I would therefore like to highlight the importance of keeping the service lane from O Nolan Park to the pumping station clear from obstructions and clear from glass and I would appeal to those who have been using this area as for weekend drinking sessions to realise the impact of their actions." ENDS