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Councillor calls for action in Fintona following floods

Published: 18 October, 2011

West Tyrone Sinn Féin Councillor, Glenn Campbell has called for erection of flood barriers along the riverbank in Fintona following flooding on Monday.

Speaking after visiting properties in Meadowbrook, King Street and Patterson Park, Cllr Campbell said,

"Several home have suffered flood damage in Meadowbrook, King Street and Patterson Park. All are close to the river and had little protection when it burst its banks during the unprecidented heavy rain on Monday. A number of families have had water enter their homes, damaging electrical appliances and flooring."

Cllr Campbell continued,

"Rivers Agency had attended the scene of the flooding and distributed sand bags. For many residents, the Rivers Agency had arrived in the 'nick of time'. However, some where less fortunate and the damage was already done by the time the sand bags arrived.

"I have recevied reports of a lady in wheel chair in Patterson Park had to be rescued from her home. I also met members of Fire and Rescue Service who were responding to calls throughout the day. This was a very serious case of flooding, which was frightening for those affected, particularly those living on their own or with young families."

Cllr Campbell called for more to be done to protect residents from future flash floodings, stating that flood barriers along the riverbank need to be erected or further improved at different locations.

"Improved flood barriers would certainly help many of those residents affected. However, many areas have also flooded due to water not being able to get away via drains and gulleys. This matter also warrants further investigation. "

Concluding, Cllr Campbell said,

"Although, this was an extreme case of flooding brought on by an unprecidented level of rain,, giving the incliment weather conditions that are becoming more of the norm, it would be niaeve to assume that such flooding will not occur again and on a more regular basis. "