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Quinn alarmed at Flooded Roads

Published: 17 October, 2011

Dromore Sinn Féin councillor Anne Quinn has said lives are being put at risk with the flooding of a number of rural roads following large scale rainfall. She expressed concern that the main Omagh to Dromore road became impassable for a number of motorists as a flood developed in the townland of shannaragh, just outside Dromore on Monday.

Speaking on Monday councillor Quinn said:

"I am alarmed at the frequency of flooding in the local area following the heavy rainfall of the last few days. I am particularly concerned about the flooding experienced on the main Dromore to Omagh road. This is the main corridor for ambulances and emergency vehicles between Omagh and the hospital in Enniskillen. The scale of the flood left this road impassable for a period on Monday. A number of vehicles had to do a u turn and try to bypass the flood by using minor roads. Given that these minor roads cannot cope with large volumes of traffic this in itself creates a problem.

"Whilst I accept that this rainfall has been of a level not seen for a number of years I have highlighted my concerns with DRD Roads Service that this road should remain passable given that it is a main corridor route for emergency health vehicles and secondly due to the high volume of traffic on the road.